Milo Gallery
JC Jaress
"Gigantic Days"
December 2 - December 22, 2006

JC Jaress painting
But That's Where the Fun Is
30" x 60"

JC Jaress painting
Doors Close
36" x 48"

JC Jaress painting
Very Young and Tender
40" x 60"

JC Jaress painting
While We Weren't Watching
36" x 56"

JC Jaress
"People who look for symbolic meanings fail to grasp the inherent poetry and mystery of the image. . . By asking 'what does this mean?' they express a wish that everything be understandable. But if one does not reject the mystery, one has quite a different response. One asks other things."
René Magritte

The paintings by JC Jaress in the solo exhibition "Gigantic Days" at Milo Gallery incorporate the historical figurative and abstract elements of painting with filmic and design conventions. Tightly cropped and compartmentalized, this work utilizes the language of imagery to question our structures of belief. Graphically compelling, the works do not dictate or assert but are finely balanced portions of application, color, composition and content in which the viewer is urged to investigate their individual prejudices within the process of interpretation.

Perception is at the heart of Jaress' world. He asserts, "Purposefully - or not - each individual participates in the act of defining one's understanding of their experience. But," he adds, "the world doesn't happen to us - it's not like that - we create it." To that end, Jaress' work challenges the viewer to investigate beyond the spontaneous, habitual and continuous process of filtering external phenomena. He asks us to check our overcoats and bags, and truly see. Then you can ask all the "other things". The paintings, photographs, and digital imagery of JC Jaress have been featured in numerous exhibitions in Los Angeles and New York, as well as commercial and alternative venues nationwide. He is also represented by the Los Angeles-based arts consultancy firm, McLean Fine Art, (

Jaress studied painting for ten years under Art Silva, Marciano Martinez, and Deborah Davidson. He is currently completing a Liberal Studies degree at Antioch University and writing a mixed-genre, non-fiction book. There is a significant and seamless connection between his writing and his visual art; the ambiguous but intense anti-narrative that questions without imposing resolution or answers. Jaress's art has appeared in multiple print publications, including CD cover art and the wine label for Longoria Winery's Blues Cuvee, a featured wine at LA's House of Blues. An active member of the arts community, Jaress served on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Art Association for three years and as President and Chairman of the organization from 2001- 02.

Jaress lives and works in Altadena, CA.

JC Jaress paints pictures of bodies, foodstuffs, and architectural elements using thick pigments and close cropping for added surrealism. His visual sampler of the everyday is like the sexiest TV dinner you've ever eaten. - SND
-flavorpill LA (

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