Milo Gallery
Joan Tucker
"The Time Is Always Now"
Nov. 17 - Dec 15, 2007

"On A Chinese Railroad Track", 2007
40 x 60", mixed media on canvas

"World Map Colored Over", 2007
36 x 48", mixed media on canvas

"Under Certain Conditions", 2007
24 x 54", mixed media on canvas

"Square Peg", 2007
36 x 36", mixed media on canvas

"Three Travelers Watch A Sunset", 2007
40 x 32", mixed media on canvas

Joan Tucker
The paintings by Joan Tucker recall the work of the great abstract expressionists and colorfield painters, laden with strong gestures and a freedom of expressive emotion. Tucker layers texture and color, building on a hidden subject or idea that lies beneath the abstract forms. What evolves is a painting that balances the chaotic energy that comes from the initial exploration of the canvas, with the controlled principals of design and composition also emerging to be considered. "While my work is primarily abstract, a subject or story begins to reveal itself to me while I'm working. Often it is the "idea" that I started with, but sometimes the painting goes in a whole different direction. The painting is waiting for me to discover it".

Joan Tucker was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. After living in New York, San Francisco and Chicago, she now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and has had numerous shows throughout California.